Digoxin has been around for centuries, but its use has been limited by several factors. Because of its narrow therapeutic window, digoxin requires close monitoring - Shan Chen


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Digoxin: The Art and Science

Following Withering's description of the use of foxglove for the therapy of “dropsy” in 1785, the use of digitalis glycosides has been the subject of innumerable articles, not only in medicine, but also in literature and art. For example, the numerous speculations that Van Gogh's yellowish view of the world that was at times reflected in his paintings was probably due to digitalis toxicity.

For over 2 centuries, the inotropic properties of the digitalis glycosides have been used in the treatment of chronic heart failure and its vagotonic properties to slow the ventricular response to certain supraventricular dysrhythmias. However, fewer pharmaceuticals have aroused more controversy…

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