We shouldn't lose sight of what warfarin is like in the real world - Dr. Robert Califf


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An Open Letter to Coumadin

Dear Coumadin,

Oh, Coumadin, you little 5 milligram orange pill that runs my life, how I hate you. There are so many reasons why I disdain you so. Let me count the ways:

One, the reason I take you. I have a blood clot and because of my heart I am basically disposed to get clots. I shouldn’t hate you because you are supposed to stop new clots, but oh well. I hate you anyway.

Number two, Coumadin, is the way you taste. Terrible. Like, nauseatingly bad. I used to be able to swallow pills. In fact, I could do it without any water. But no more! I need water to choke you down.

Reason number three that we cannot be friends is the bruising. I know that I have chicken…

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