Microvascular Angina

Diagnosis remains the biggest hurdle for people with coronary MVD - PBS Second Opinion

Microvascular Angina

image by: Non-Obstructive CAD: Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction & Spasms

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The killer heart condition that’s invisible: Type of angina is not picked up by normal tests

Sharp, stabbing chest pains were something Jeannie Edwards had tolerated for decades.

The pains would come on several times a week, and although they matched the description of heart attack symptoms, because she was only in her late 30s when they started, Jeannie was told there was ‘nothing to worry about’.

As Jeannie, now 63, a human resources director from Twickenham, South-West London, recalls: ‘I didn’t feel a crushing chest pain but I did feel like my heart was being squeezed hard — and the pain would radiate down my left arm and up my neck.

‘I thought at the very least it must be angina. I was absolutely convinced that I was going to have a heart attack. But because…

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Last Updated : Friday, June 18, 2021