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Why Women Who Don’t Drink Can Still Get Cirrhosis

If you’re a woman, you may be at risk for developing cirrhosis, even if you are young and don’t drink alcohol. That’s because women’s risks for developing cirrhosis change as they age, hepatologist Jamile Wakim-Fleming, MD, says. “This is a unique feature of women and it should make them more vigilant about their liver health – not only when they are older but throughout their life, and regardless of how old they are,” Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. Surprisingly, women as young as their late teens and early 20s can develop cirrhosis.

For example, autoimmune hepatitis is more common in women than men and can begin at a very early age. It may cause abdominal pain, jaundice, fatigue, weight…

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Last Updated : Monday, June 10, 2019