Vitreous Hemorrhage

While they may be annoying, eye floaters are generally harmless. It is rare that an eye floater will significantly impair vision, and the majority of people can learn to live with them - Simon Chen

Vitreous Hemorrhage

image by: The Retina Institute

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Why Are There Weird Things Floating in My Eyes?

Have you ever been staring out at a bright sky or a blank wall and noticed something moving around in front of your eye? Thousands of people around the world see small flecks floating right in front of their eyes. Many times, people don’t stop to think about what these flecks might be – they think these are insects or stray eyelashes. In reality, these flecks are tiny floaters drifting around the inside of your eye. Mostly, these floaters are completely harmless, even though the thought of having something floating in your eye may sound strange and scary.

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