There will be no room, here, for the smug myopia which views American civilization as the final solution to all world problems - George F Kennan


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In 2050, Half the World Will Be Nearsighted

I tend to assume everyone needs glasses or contacts, at least for reading or driving—which means I’m always surprised, and a little bit resentful, whenever I find out someone has perfect vision. It feels rude of them, honestly, not to have any embarrassing childhood photos of the unflattering glasses they picked out in elementary school. Everyone should always be getting dirt and hair in their eyes because years of contact use have diminished their blinking reflex.

But it turns out that my vague sense that poor vision is becoming more of a norm is correct. A new paper published in the journal Ophthalmology looks at worldwide trends in myopia (nearsightedness) by doing a meta-analysis…

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