Macular Dystrophy

You don’t need your eyes for vision - Isaac Lidsky

Macular Dystrophy

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Glenn Beck - Blind Leading the Blind?

What can you say about Glenn Beck that hasn't already been said? Outspoken? Yes. Conservative? Sure. Controversial? Absolutely. Idiot? (I think so.) The loudmouthed political bobblehead for the Fox News Channel has to be one of the most polarizing figures in the world of TV quasi-news shows.

Beck made a name for himself by spewing hatred for Muslims, people that look like Muslims, 9/11 victims, families of 9/11 victims, Katrina victims, anyone in public office, anyone running for public office, the unemployed, the employed, the uninsured, the insured, etc... Perhaps the most offensive is that he publicly protests the evils of corporate greed while at the same time he earns a fortune…

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