Amaurosis Fugax

AF can be a harbringer of impending stroke and thus merits urgent evaluation - EyeWiki

Amaurosis Fugax

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Retinal TIAs: A Medical Emergency

Many ophthalmologists consider retinal TIA (transient ischemic attack), or amaurosis fugax, to be a relatively benign condition that carries a low risk of stroke. But tran­sient monocular vision loss (TMVL) of vascular origin has the same mecha­nisms and causes as cerebral ischemia—and, unfortunately, the same systemic implications.

Moreover, new evidence is challeng­ing the old teaching that retinal TIAs have a better prognosis than hemispheric/cerebral TIAs, highlighting the need to treat the conditions with equal urgency.

In other words, retinal TIAs need to be taken as seriously as cerebral TIAs are, as they carry a high risk of stroke and cardiac events—and their occur­rence…

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