Uveitis can be a difficult diagnosis to understand at first given the multitude of different etiologies which can cause it - Erik Massenzio BA David Xu MD


image by: Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation

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My Experience with Idiopathic Uveitis: A Personal Account

... I covered my face to avoid the headlights of oncoming cars as we drove to the hospital. My eye ached in an unfamiliar way. Despite how much trouble I was having, it never once occurred to me to seek emergency treatment. Who ever heard of going to an emergency room for “pink eye!”

But, there I was, in the busy registration area waiting for my turn to be examined. I thought to myself . . . “I have never been in a room with such terrible lighting” . . . white florescent lights, GLARING, in the small waiting room. Have I explained that light hurts your eyes when you have iritis? If you have had iritis, you already know what I mean. If you have not had iritis, the best I can do to explain…

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