Red Eye

When you are evaluating a patient with an acute red eye the presence or absence of pain is a very important feature - Megan Boysen Osborn MD

Red Eye

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How to Triage the Painful Red Eye: Considerations for Non-Ophthalmic Providers

One of the most helpful differentiating symptoms of a red eye... is pain. In general, the non-painful red eye denotes a less serious, non-vision threatening cause... Furthermore, patients who wear contact lenses and have a red eye with or without pain should also be considered high risk patients and warrant urgent evaluation.

Painful red eye

Proptosis, conjunctival injection, limited ocular motility and pain are highly suggestive of inflammatory orbital diseases such as... orbital cellulitis...

Pain, diffuse conjunctival injection, high intraocular pressures (IOP), mid-dilated pupil, in a patient who is nauseous or may be vomiting are…

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