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I Got A Pterygium Cut Out of My Eyeball, and I Learned These 20 Things

He slid his knife into my eyeball, and I smiled. The feeling was euphoric. Which had less to do with the blade slicing through the mutated film invading my iris and more to do with the Versed coursing through my veins. Minutes earlier, I lay naked beneath my hospital gown in bed. I was scared. The nurse had just slipped a chilling IV into my vein and asked if I felt comfortable. I did not. And I’m not afraid of needles. As a Type One diabetic, I actually have a subcutaneous catheter pulsing insulin into my body 24-hours a day. That’s been the case every day for the last 27 years. So needles don’t freak me out.

But needles in my veins do. And knives in my eyeballs do. So just before…

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