The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision - Helen Keller


image by: International Council of Ophthalmology

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Making Eyecare And Vision Screening Accessible To All

As a young student in the U.K., Andrew Bastawrous was curious and bright, but to the surprise of his teachers, he struggled with schoolwork. The mystery was solved when, at age 12, an optometrist tested his eyesight and found that he was severely visually impaired. Andrew remembers his first moments wearing glasses: “For the first time, I saw that trees had leaves on them, and that night, I saw stars in the sky that took my breath away.”

Worldwide, 36 million people are unable to see, with 80-90% living in developing countries. What's more, 80% are blind from causes that are curable or preventable. Andrew realized early on that for many people, eyesight treatment was not easily available…

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