Corneal Abrasion

Corneal abrasions are extremely painful. Patients deserve a good analgesic strategy. Topical anesthetics may cause occasional problems in patients who abuse them, but there is no evidence that they are harmful if used for a short period of time - Justin Morgenstern

Corneal Abrasion

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Minor Care Series: Corneal Abrasions

Many of the treatments that are commonly used for corneal abrasions do not have any scientific validation. Most providers will prescribe 3 to 5 days of topical antibiotics for all of these patients. Appropriate antibiotics include erythromycin ointment, trimethoprim/polymyxin drops or sulfacetamide ointment or drops. None of these are superior to the others and are chosen primarily on provider preference.

One special consideration is in patients who wear contact lenses. These patients are often colonized with pseudomonas or other gram negative organisms. Superinfection can lead to rapid corneal damage and vision loss. These patient should be prescribed a topical antibiotic that covers…

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