The country is ablaze with opioid deaths and it’s defying socioeconomic or geographic categorization. It’s just happening all over the place - Richard Pops


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Vivitrol offers the fantasy of being drug-free. But that’s not the most important thing in tackling addiction

Stinging investigations by the New York Times, National Public Radio, ProPublica, and others have recently exposed how the drug maker Alkermes is promoting Vivitrol — a long-acting injection that blocks the effects of opioids — at the expense of other, better-studied treatments for opioid dependence. We can and should blame prescription drug companies for the misleading marketing they use to boost sales. But we should also look in the mirror and recognize that, in the case of opioid dependence, these schemes work so well because they reflect the bias — often unconscious and well-meaning — that prioritizes the fantasy of being drug-free over the real interests of people in need of help.


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Last Updated : Thursday, August 18, 2022