Generic drugs are not marketed as identical to the brand but as the same in all ways that matter - Jeremy Greene


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Are Generic Drugs As Good As The Real Thing?

It’s one of healthcare’s greatest bargains: Nearly 88 percent of prescriptions written in the U.S. in 2014 were for knock-offs of brand-name drugs, sold at a fraction of the price. And for the most part, consumers don’t lose anything in the deal. “Even though generics aren’t perfect replicas, the FDA is really on top of evaluating them and ensuring that the ones it approves have the same active ingredients and absorb in the bloodstream just as if a person were taking the brand name,” says Mario Rocci, PhD, president of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Three things you should do before filling your next prescription:

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 Are Generic Drugs As Good As The Real Thing?

In many ways, yes. But there are a few key differences you should know about.

Association for Accessible Medicines

The Association for Accessible Medicines, formerly the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, improves access to safe, quality, effective medicine. Better access to medicine is relevant to everybody because, after all, we’re all patients at some point.

Generics and Biosimilars Initiative

The mission of GaBI is to foster the worldwide efficient use of high quality and safe medicines at an affordable price, thus advancing and supporting the idea of accessible, affordable and sustainable health care.

International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance

IGBA committed is committed to promoting generic and biosimilar medicines, and exchanging information worldwide.

Medicines for Europe

Medicines for Europe represents the pharmaceutical companies supplying the largest share of medicines across Europe and is the voice of the generic, biosimilar and value added industries.

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