Low Dose Aspirin

Aspirin is a popular drug for people who’ve never had a heart attack or stroke and would like to keep it that way. But for more than one in 10 people who do so, aspirin could do more harm than good - Journal American College of Cardiology

Low Dose Aspirin

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Millions take aspirin to prevent heart disease and cancer. Turns out that’s risky

An aspirin a day has long been been touted as one of the pillars of a healthy routine for older people: Swallow the pill and see your risks of heart disease and cancer melt away.

But the findings of a large, randomized controlled trial has just been published in three papers in the New England Journal of Medicine. Together, they show a baby aspirin a day in people 65 years and older actually increased the risk of death — mainly from cancer — and that the pill does not drive down rates of heart disease, disability, or dementia.

The trial, led by John McNeil of Australia’s Monash University, involved more than 19,000 people, mostly age 70 and older, in Australia and the US. The…

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