Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Celebrate your scars sweet soul.. they are a proof you have made it through - SC Lourie

Stevens Johnson Syndrome

image by: Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation

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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - A Risk We Take With Pills

My phone rang one evening four years ago, and it turned my world upside down. Delanie, the mother of one of my closest friend's Dinushka Vethavanam was on the other end, with shock, confusion and sadness in her voice, saying that Dinushka has been admitted to hospital with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). So I did what I do with any topic that I don't know about - an internet search - which revealed horrifying and gruesome pictures of victims of the condition.

Dinushka, who I met in 1991 in first grade is one of my oldest friends and is blessed with good looks and beautiful hair and to imagine that she was battling such a dreadful medical condition where her appearance was severely…

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