Screening for Diabetes

Critics of widespread prediabetes screening say changes in food, education and urban-design policies, aimed at encouraging consumption of healthy foods and exercise, would be more effective to counter the rise in diabetes - Dana Wechsler Linden

Screening for Diabetes
Screening for Diabetes

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Screening For Diabetes Is Working Better Than Thought

Undiagnosed diabetes may not be as big of a public health problem as thought.

That's the takeaway from a study published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine that says that some previous efforts have likely overestimated the number of people with undiagnosed diabetes because they relied on a single positive test result.

By contrast, this new measure used the American Diabetes Association's diagnostic criteria, which recommend that people with one positive fasting blood glucose or A1C test should have a second test to confirm a diagnosis in all but the most severe and obvious cases of Type 2 diabetes. That's because there's some inherent variability in the tests and because…

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 Screening For Diabetes Is Working Better Than Thought

The results suggest that public health efforts to promote screening should be focused more closely on the people who are most likely to have undiagnosed diabetes rather than the population as a whole. According to the study, that group includes people who are obese, a racial or ethnic minority, and who don't have health insurance or get regular health care.

Diagnosing Diabetes

The 2 main tests used to measure the presence of blood sugar problems are the direct measurement of glucose levels in the blood during an overnight fast and measurement of the body's ability to appropriately handle the excess sugar presented after drinking a high glucose drink.

Diabetes screening tests are a good preventative method for catching the development of diabetes at an early stage. Diabetes screening tests are becoming more commonly used, in the UK, as diabetes prevalence continues to grow.

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