Diabetes is an expensive disease - Carolyn McClanahan


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This Is The Shocking Cost Of Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is all consuming. The stigma of misinformation. The inescapable quest for medical perfection. The 65,000-plus injections per lifetime (a lifetime which tends to be slashed 12 years from average as soon as you’re diagnosed).

The autoimmune disease takes hold of young bodies and never lets go. Without reason. And with no warning of the ever-expanding costs.

A day in the life of a diabetic is an uphill battle. One that requires constant cognizance of the individual’s food intake, energy output, blood sugar levels, general health, and equipment (glucose meters, needles, insulins, food) that keeps them alive.

I know because I’m one of the millions…

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Last Updated : Wednesday, February 6, 2019