Oral Hypoglycemics

No matter how you feel about taking medicine to help manage your diabetes, you have to admit that today... there are a lot of options to choose from! Are any of them perfect? No. Do they have side effects? Yes. But the point is that you have options - Amy Campbell

Oral Hypoglycemics

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A recent study by Kaiser Permanente and Yale Medical Center found that severe hypoglycemia is quite common in people with Type 2 diabetes who take insulin-stimulating medications. This was true regardless of level of control, meaning those with elevated blood sugar and A1c levels experienced low blood sugar as well as those who were within or below their A1c goal. Severe hypoglycemia is defined as a blood glucose level less than 50 mg/dL and is associated with increased risk for heart attack, stroke, loss of consciousness, and death, particularly when it occurs during sleep. Its symptoms can be frightening and include sweating, shaking, dizziness, unsteadiness, and heart palpitations.


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