I tell my friends that prior to getting the Dexcom G6, the iPhone was the most remarkable piece of technology I’ve ever owned - Mark Turner


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Dexcom G6 vs. Freestyle Libre. A Diabetes Educator who wears them both!

Finally! I have over 12 months of personal evidence using the two most popular Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems and I’m ready to squawk about it.

The CGM was my one true wish from the moment I was diagnosed as a kid. A few decades later and YEEHAW I have several to choose from! My CGM experience includes moments of both joy and frustration, but I highly recommend that people with diabetes wear a sensor. Especially athletes with T1D. Not everyone wants to wear a device, but if you’re tempted Check out this breakdown:


I love the way you work, as long as you’re working.

I’m happy because:

  1. The sensors…

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