Diabetic Neuropathy

There's the pain of neuropathy itself. Then there are the side effects from the medications to treat it. Finding balance is a battle - Ronni Gordon

Diabetic Neuropathy

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Guest Blog: Foot care, Diabetic Neuropathy

This topic is very interesting to me, being a Diabetic T2 for a few years now. I visit my Clinic only once a year. They make my appointments, not me. BUT I just wish I had’ve been told about the seriousness of COMPLICATIONS of Diabetes as so far as Peripheral Neuropathy is concerned, as I now have it.

Not once was I referred to a Podiatrist, so I asked to make an appointment, only to be told they are not taking any more patients as they are over loaded. Well, I didn’t bother too much about it at the time, as I didn’t have Peripheral Neuropathy, and thought nothing of it. Until, that is, for another 2 yrs. By then, my feet felt like they were in a bucket of bull ants. Not realising…

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