Clinical Trials

Today, medicine relies almost exclusively on randomized controlled trials and their more sophisticated cousins, meta-analyses, to guide treatment decisions - Barron H. Lerner MD

Clinical Trials

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CLINICAL TRIALS: Should you, Could you, Will you?

Did you know, depending upon where you look for the information, a mere 3-5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials? Let's look at the flip side. More than 90% of us may be walking around with answers locked inside our bodies which begs the question: "WHY?"

The truth is, there's no one simple answer. It's complicated. There is room for much improvement in every aspect of the process. A quick search on shows there are currently almost sixteen thousand trials across all diseases being studied that are currently recruiting, or are nearly ready to begin to recruit patients.

There's the first problem. How can any one doctor or office be expected…

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