Physicians are still baffled that no one had noticed the possible risk of paralysis before - Soumya Karlamangla


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An Overview of Enterovirus and the Different Strains


Enteroviruses are common viruses. There are many different enterovirus strains that range from very common infections - like Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and common colds - to deadly and rare viruses - like polio as well as encephalitis.

One strain, Enterovirus-D68 or EV-D68, received a lot of attention as it spread respiratory disease in the fall of 2014. Another strain EV-71 can cause neurologic complications like encephalitis, which has been seen in outbreaks in China and fortunately for which vaccines have been (and are being) developed (but are not available in the US)...

They are common even when we don't hear about outbreaks. They, however, can cause sudden…

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Last Updated : Monday, July 27, 2020