Ivermectin & Covid-19

Our little Ivermectin has so many big enemies. It’s David versus ten Goliaths - Pierre Kory MD

Ivermectin & Covid-19

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Lessons From the Ivermectin Debacle

When podcast king and comedian Joe Rogan reported that he was ill with Covid-19, a media firestorm commenced. This was no surprise, given the interest the public has in celebrities diagnosed with Covid-19, especially celebrities with a history of expressing ambivalence towards the highly-effective vaccines. However, the headline was not typical at all: Joe Rogan Says He Has Covid, Taking Bogus Ivermectin ‘Cure.’

How did we get here, to a place where Forbes Magazine leads off a celebrity news bit with a slap at a long-used medication, currently being seriously studied for possible benefit against the disease in question? Ivermectin’s is a fascinating story, in a rubbernecking-past-the-highway-accident…

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Last Updated : Sunday, January 29, 2023