The pandemic provides the needed landscape for individuals, governments and institutions to rethink what travel looks like - Matt Harker


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Sorry, Travel Won't Be Returning to Normal This Year...Or Next

When the world clued into the severity of COVID-19, travel was one of the first things to go.

In an effort to curb COVID-19 transmission last year, governments around the world encouraged people to avoid all travel deemed “non-essential,” whether by plane, cruise, or car. According to CNBC, 97 destinations fully or partially closed their borders and 65 countries or territories temporarily halted flights last April. Millions of people in North American axed their 2020 travel plans.

Young people, in particular, have had to deal with multiple crises in their lifetimes, each one worsening their financial prospects. Many are burnt out, scared for the future, and struggling with…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, October 19, 2021