Testing Sites

Imagine what ubiquitous cheap testing could do in the U.S. - Stefanie Friedhoff

Testing Sites

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‘Oppressive’ and ‘unbelievable’: Long testing lines frustrate Mass. residents and obscure COVID surge reality

The lines crawled past churches, restaurants, and shops. They stretched along bike paths and filled entire parking lots. Some leaked into roadways, disrupting traffic and prompting police intervention. Each promised one thing: an hours-long wait for a COVID-19 test...

The chaotic scenes at testing sites are merely a snapshot of a nationwide problem. Few states have been able to meet the crushing demand for tests as Omicron gains ground. The question echoing in Massachusetts and around the country: When will these testing woes improve...

Newton-based Transformative Healthcare runs about a dozen PCR testing sites in partnership with the state as part of its “Stop the Spread…

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