Citizens of the world have been covering their faces for months amid the ongoing pandemic, and while wearing a mask is crucial for saving lives, it’s also been a blemish to our skin - Camryn La Sala


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Got Maskne? Here Are the 7 Products We're Reaching For

Alas, putting on a face mask when you leave the house during coronavirus times is necessary. It's also OK not to love how wearing one for the greater good affects your skin, even if it is the definition of a first world problem.

Questions about 'maskne', 'mask skin' and how to navigate pimples from mask-wearing have been popping up in just about every beauty Facebook group I'm in for several months now. So, I asked a dermatologist to weigh in. From exactly why your skin might not be enjoying wearing a face mask, to the best products that can help, here's everything you need to know about maskne.

What Is Maskne and Mask Skin?

In short, maskne or…

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