Older Adults

It is not chronological age alone that determines how one does in the face of a life-threatening infection such as Covid-19. Having multiple chronic diseases and frailty is in many ways as or more important than chronological age - George Kuchel, University of Connecticut

Older Adults

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Why Covid-19 is so dangerous for older adults

Even before the Covid-19 coronavirus reached more than 100 countries around the world, early data from China — where the outbreak started — suggested that older adults were the most vulnerable to the worst effects of the disease.

Now, that data, along with emerging research from Italy — the second-most-affected country in the world — is showing just how dangerous Covid-19 is for older people, and others with with heart, lung, and immunological conditions.

In Italy, a country with one of the world’s oldest populations, a March 4 analysis by the national health institute found that of the 105 patients who died from the virus, the average age was 81. This put a 20-year gap…

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