Emerging data show that some of the coronavirus’s most potent damage is inflicted on the heart - Haider Warraich


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Covid-19 May Have a Hidden Impact on the Heart

... The condition poses a heightened risk to those whose physical activity puts stress on the heart: Even before the pandemic, myocarditis was a leading cause of death in young, otherwise healthy athletes.

It’s crucial to find out whether the coronavirus raises the risk of heart complications in people of all ages who are even mildly active. “Imagine if it turns out that 5 or 10 or 15 percent of asymptomatic or mild infections have clinical myocarditis on an M.R.I. — that would be unheard-of, in terms of how do we evaluate the safety for someone returning to exercise, regardless of their level of fitness,” says Jonathan Drezner, state director of the Center for Sports Cardiology at…

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Last Updated : Saturday, June 12, 2021