Men & Covid-19

When it comes to surviving critical cases of COVID-19, it appears that men draw the short straw - Adam Moeser

Men & Covid-19

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An Unsolved Mystery: Why Do More Men Die of Covid-19?


Azita Ghahramani worried she wouldn’t survive Covid-19 because of her health conditions, including high blood pressure. So she and her husband, Scott Downing, and their son became hypervigilant. They moved to a remote part of Maine and avoided most social interactions. Even so, all three got Covid-19 in March 2021, possibly from exposure during a family funeral. But it wasn’t Ms. Ghahramani who nearly died of the disease; it was her husband.

Despite being in his 50s and an avid tennis player, eating healthfully and having no medical conditions, Mr. Downing ended up in the intensive care unit. Nearly eight months later, he remains out of work on sick leave and only recently…

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Last Updated : Monday, November 8, 2021