Mask Mandates

Though the science on the effectiveness of masks for reducing the spread of the coronavirus is more established now than it was early in the pandemic, mandatory masking is still a new and contentious idea - Lois Parshley

Mask Mandates

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Using Face Masks Is Still a Good Idea. Mandating Them Isn’t

As the country attempts to reopen amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, one easy way we can help reduce the spread of the disease is using face masks. But policymakers—such as those in California and in some cities—are exactly wrong to mandate them.

Policymakers and public health officials should encourage the use of masks, but should absolutely avoid mandating them.

Mandating mask use could turn this lightweight solution into yet another onerous burden on the American people during the pandemic response.

A broad, untargeted mandate, and its requisite enforcement, will end up punishing Americans for violations of a public health measure in many situations that…

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