The Covid-19 mandates — and the mandates against the mandates — are part of a larger trend... that, sadly, has acquired greater momentum during the pandemic: the politicization of everything - Bari Weiss


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Are COVID-19 vaccine mandates human rights violations?

Even Napoleon couldn’t force everyone to get vaccinated.

The French strongman managed to bend most of Europe to his will, yet when it came to smallpox he could merely encourage his compatriots to get immunized against the deadly disease as a civic duty.

In some ways, not much has changed. Governments and private-sector employers around the world have encouraged those fortunate enough to have access to COVID-19 vaccines to take them – often with civic-minded prompts similar to Napoleon’s, but increasingly through targeted vaccine mandates.

These measures help keep people safe. But they’ve also touched a nerve...

The rally in Canada was only the most recent…

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