Loss of smell can be life-changing; it removes an important part of your sense of self - Chrissi Kelly, founder of the UK-based charity AbScent


image by: AbScent

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The World in My Nose

The uncanny feeling came on suddenly one morning. I got up out of the bed in the room where I spent my teenage years—and where I have been staying in my parents’ house in between apartments, waiting out the quarantine era—to take a shower. Immediately, I noticed the usually fragrant shampoo and body wash smells were missing. I stuck my nose into a bottle and filled my lungs to the brim with air, two or three times in a row. I came up with nothing.

Overnight, my nose had become a useless appendage. I had tested positive for the coronavirus in late October, just before the U.S. presidential election. Besides some basic flu symptoms and a strangely increased heart rate—which may or…

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 The World in My Nose

After COVID stole my ability to smell, I found a solution that reawakened my senses—and much more.


AbScent is a UK charity founded by Chrissi Kelly, inspired by her personal journey of recovery from smell loss. Chrissi suffered anosmia following a virus in 2012. Isolated by her experience and shocked by the lack of information and support, Chrissi sought out answers and is determined that no-one should suffer as she had. Today, AbScent is driving change to end smell disorders.

Covid-19 Patients Who Experience Loss Of Smell Could Take Up To One Year To Recover: Study

... a group of researchers based in France and Canada delved into how long Covid-19 patients with loss of the sense of smell take to recover since initial infection. After following up with 97 patients for a year, they found that 96.1 percent of them recovered their sense of smell within 12 months.

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