Acquired Immunity vs Natural Immunity

One thing is clear: Vaccination is a far safer, more reliable strategy for acquiring immunity, given the risks of serious illness or death from infection - Denise Roland

Acquired Immunity vs Natural Immunity
Acquired Immunity vs Natural Immunity

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Covid-19 Vaccines or Infections: Which Carries the Stronger Immunity?

Immunity from infection hasn’t been studied as extensively as vaccine-mediated immunity. But over the course of the pandemic, clues have emerged to suggest the two are at least equivalent...

The CDC said in a recent review of the current scientific evidence that both fully vaccinated and those previously infected with the virus have a low risk of subsequent infection for at least six months.

“It is complicated but…we’re at a state in the world where [vaccination and prior infection] seem equally protective,” said Monica Gandhi, professor of medicine and associate chief of the University of California San Francisco’s division of HIV, infectious diseases and global medicine.

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 Covid-19 Vaccines or Infections: Which Carries the Stronger Immunity?

Evidence grows that infections provide as much protection as vaccines, prompting some experts to suggest a nuanced approach to vaccine mandates.

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