To top it all off, the guidelines themselves are still complicated - Philip Kiefer


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The C.D.C. Has New Covid Guidelines. This Is What It Got Wrong

For nearly two years, American officials have changed recommendations on how to manage the coronavirus... Infected people, who had long been told to isolate for at least 10 days, now have to isolate for only five days if they feel fine, regardless of vaccination status. On one level, this decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a welcome nod to science and practicality because many people aren’t infectious for such a long period.

But the change doesn’t grapple effectively with the reality that the fully vaccinated and boostered and the unvaccinated are living in two different worlds. The C.D.C. guidelines still rely on a mostly one-size-fits-all approach and…

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Last Updated : Sunday, January 9, 2022