Gatherings & Covid-19

The benefits of family gatherings are high, and the risks are risks you have to be comfortable with for the next few years - Dr. Bob Wachter

Gatherings & Covid-19

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Dine In? Go Out? Learn to Be a Better Covid-19 Risk Manager

Determining what’s safe—and what isn’t—in the era of the Delta variant is forcing all of us to become our own personal risk managers.

Little about making decisions now is straightforward. Covid-19 public safety requirements, mask rules and vaccination mandates differ from place to place. Science indicates vaccines provide strong protection against hospitalization and death, but the Delta variant raises the risk of breakthrough infection, although it isn’t clear how much. Unlike earlier in the pandemic, businesses are open, activities have resumed and many social gatherings are back on—which means we have a lot more choices to make.

“If you feel confused, you’re in very…

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