During the pandemic, lots of people have rediscovered the sanity- (and cash-)saving joy of back-to-basics fitness - Jamie Ducharme


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The safest ways to exercise during a pandemic

If you’re feeling a little more sluggish than usual after months upon months of working and socializing from home, you aren’t alone. With the options winnowed down to running outside, it can be especially tough to scrounge up fitness gear and get a jump start on your routine. But giving up on working out isn’t always the healthiest option, despite what’s going on in the world.

“It’s clear that exercise is important for our physical and emotional well being, and so to disregard any regimen in regard to COVID-19 is probably not the best risk benefit balance for us,” says Emily Sickbert-Bennett, a professor of infectious diseases at the UNC Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public…

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Last Updated : Monday, October 11, 2021