So the rules about who needs to do what, after they get exposed to a person with COVID-19 or test positive, have changed multiple times - Kara Gavin


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What to do if you test positive for COVID, were exposed, or have symptoms

If you spent more than 15 minutes within six feet of someone who was positive, you’re supposed to quarantine… either until you develop COVID or are confident you don’t have it. Of course, it’s hard to estimate times and distances in the course of everyday life, and Omicron is much more infectious than previous variants.

So unless your interaction was brief, outdoors, and masked, it’s probably better to treat it as an exposure. (Though it should be recognized that quarantine can put different burdens on different people—if in doubt, follow your local health department guidelines.) Here’s how the CDC now recommends you quarantine.

You’ve been boosted, received a dose…

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Last Updated : Sunday, January 30, 2022