Masks & Kids

Replacing fear with facts—then taking small, calculated risks—is the best way forward. That should absolutely include letting kids unmask outdoors, as we shift our focus away from masks and onto the faces behind them - Lucy McBride

Masks & Kids

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It’s 98 Degrees Out. Why Is My Child Wearing a Mask?

My 9-year-old daughter came home from camp two weeks ago after playing three hours of outdoor tennis in a mask. “I thought I was going to faint,” she told me, looking ill after playing in 98-degree weather. Later that afternoon the camp, run by the Sidwell Friends School, called to complain about her mask compliance.

We’re now 16 months into the pandemic and children remain victims of the Covid political theater that has characterized the national debate about masks ever since.

We’ve had an entire school year to prove what scientists have said all along: Children aren’t major vectors of the virus, and schools and child-care centers aren’t drivers of community spread. Consider…

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