Congratulations if you aren’t burned out. Perhaps you learned to play the guitar, wrote a screenplay, or took up French during the pandemic. But if you’re like me and most of my patients, you’re running on fumes - Lucy McBride


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Doctors and Nurses Are Traumatized and Burned Out. I Should Know: I’m Treating Them

I didn’t have as many physician patients prior to COVID. That number has increased. I’ve been practicing psychiatry since 2008. I’m board certified to treat both children and adults so I see the lifespan. I’ve always had a large number of calls, both from adults seeking care and adults seeking care for their children, but that number has increased exponentially since the start of the pandemic—along with the number of healthcare workers looking for care for both themselves and their family members.

At the start of the pandemic, there was significant dismay from healthcare workers around the lack of PPE, having to take pay cuts while having your hours increased, running out of ICU…

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