Chancroid is the STD that even your doctor will have a hard time diagnosing - Alexandra Ossola


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Everything You Need to Know About Chancroid

Have a painful, pus-filled ulcer on your junk that doctors can't quite figure out? Intrigue is not always sexy, apparently. Your mysterious little sore could be the rare (like, really rare) and elusive chancroid.

What exactly is chancroid?

Chancroid is an infection caused by the bacterium Haemophilus ducreyi, the same genus as other pathogenic bacteria that can cause sepsis and meningitis in young children. If you've never heard of chancroid, that may not be surprising—today, it's pretty rare in the US. The number of cases dropped steadily between 1987 and 2001, according to the CDC; just 11 cases were diagnosed in the US in 2015. That's good news, since…

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 Everything You Need to Know About Chancroid

Chancroid is the STD that even your doctor will have a hard time diagnosing..


Haemophilus ducreyi, a fastidious gram-negative bacillus is a well-known cause of chancroid, a sexually transmitted pathogen which has been associated with the sexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


As chancroid is a genital ulcerative disease, its lesions are more readily apparent and therefore more commonly reported among men.


Traditionally, chancroid was very common, but with more attention paid to STI transmission with the rise in HIV cases in the 1980’s, the prevalence of chancroid has been falling. Herpes simplex is now the most common genital ulcerative disease.


Chancroid is often diagnosed clinically, although Gram stain of material from an ulcer or suppurative node may suggest the diagnosis.


Chancroid is an exceedingly rare sexually transmitted infection, both in the United States and globally. Knowledge regarding its true prevalence is made difficult by the lack of readily available diagnostic testing and by its similar presentation to other more common causes of genital ulcer diseases.

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