Despite the name, it is not related to influenza (the flu) because it is caused by an entirely different virus known as human parainfluenza virus (HPIV) - Kristina Duda RN


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Croup, Stridor, and Your Toddler: What New Parents Need to Know to

How many colds have you had in your life?

Eleventy billion?

That's still less than the average toddler. Little known scientific fact: Toddlers always have a cold. They get them from daycares and ball pits and playgrounds and terrorists.

The big difference? A cold might mess up your week. But with infants and toddlers? Getting a common cold can get much worse, really fast. If you're in any parenting text chain/Facebook group/cult, you've likely seen a frantic post from a parent wondering what to do with their sick kid. The giveaway? "Sounds like a barking cough."

That, my friends, is croup.

Croup, despite common belief, is not crappy soup that…

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