One in 12 persons worldwide are living with either chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C. It has higher prevalence rate than HIV or any cancer in the world - WHO


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World Hepatitis Day Is an Opportunity to Stop This Silent Killer, Once and For All

I so vividly remember one of my earliest encounters with viral hepatitis. I was working in Hacettepe University Hospital in Turkey when a seriously ill old woman was admitted. Her belly was swollen -- the size of a full-term pregnancy -- but there was no baby. Her abdomen was full of fluids because her liver had stopped functioning properly. She was dying from chronic liver disease due to viral hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis -- a group of infectious diseases caused by hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses -- can lead to liver cirrhosis and cancer, both horrible diseases to have -- and to die from.

It was years before I learned quite how many people there are in the world living…

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