Mucormycosis is not black fungus. Medically, black fungi are a type of yeast which have black melanin pigment in walls. Mucormycosis causes tissue blackening by devitalizing its blood supply and this black appearance has been misreported as black fungus by the media. - Dr Ravinder Gera


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Mucormycosis: the black fungus hitting Covid-19 patients

Fungal infections can be devastating. And one in particular – mucormycosis – is adding to the burden of suffering in a country already in a deep Covid-19 crisis. We've seen reports from India of infections with mucormycosis, often termed "black fungus", in patients with Covid-19, or who are recovering from the coronavirus.

As of March this year 41 cases of Covid-19-associated mucormycosis had been documented around the world, with 70% in India. Reports suggest the number of cases is now much higher, which is unsurprising given the current wave of Covid-19 infections in India.

But what is mucormycosis, and how is it linked with Covid-19?

What is mucormycosis?


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Last Updated : Sunday, May 23, 2021