Flu Vaccine Mandates

We should be guaranteed the basic right to informed consent in regards to flu vaccination, which is clearly no panacea - Jalal Baig MD

Flu Vaccine Mandates

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Doctors Shouldn’t Get Fired for Skipping the Flu Shot

In healthcare, it's that time of year again. What begins as a slow trickle of email reminders from hospital administrators regarding mandatory flu vaccinations inevitably becomes a deluge. These messages provide locations and times for staff to enthusiastically line up and fulfill their annual commitment to patient care.

As the days turn to weeks and physicians such as myself become delinquent, the friendly reminders turn into threatening rebukes in large, bold font. Soon, the hospital's administrators compel action and we surrender our arms to nurses and their large vaccine-filled needles. All of this is done to achieve a bright sticker bearing the words "I got my flu shot for you"…

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