Periorbital Cellulitis

Some medical conditions have signs and symptoms that significantly overlap, making a diagnosis a little more difficult. Epididymitis, testicular torsion, and torsion of the testicular appendage are examples, but orbital and preseptal cellulitis are others that can cause significant diagnostic confusion - Larry Mellick, MD

Periorbital Cellulitis

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Preceptal Cellulitis (Periorbital Cellulitis) Management

Preseptal cellulitis (also called periorbital cellulitis) is an infection of the anterior portion of the eyelid. It does not involve the orbit or other ocular structures. In contrast, orbital cellulitis involves the content of the orbit, but not the globe. Preseptal infections are generally mild, while orbital cellulitis can lead to loss of vision or even loss of life.

This describes management of preseptal cellulitis, and also how to rule out more serious orbital involvement. The paranasal sinuses are the main source of orbital infections, but most preseptal cellulitis arises from an external source, such as trauma, insect bites, or foreign bodies. The most common bacteria causing…

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