Food Allergies

To some, food allergies seem like fabricated cries for attention. To others, they pose a dangerous health threat - Matthew Smith

Food Allergies

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Why food allergies are on the rise

A food allergy can be a terrifying thing. When someone eats even a small amount of a food to which they are allergic, a minor reaction can involve itching, swelling, and stomach ache. But one in four people unlucky enough to have a food allergy, even a mild one, will at some point experience a severe reaction: anaphylaxis, a state of shock defined as a reaction involving two of the body's organs, is characterised by symptoms like wheezing, dizziness and vomiting. The pulse can slow, blood pressure can drop, and the airways can close. In an alarming number of people in the last few years, it has been fatal.

More of the population has food allergies than ever before – and around the…

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