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Huh, Another Study Says Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Doesn’t Work

You know how sometimes you read a headline about a scientific study and the finding is so obvious you wonder "why did they even bother?" Enter: a comprehensive review of studies published Tuesday that found teaching teens only the "wait-until-marriage" kind of sex ed doesn't work.

Try not to faint from shock.

What's important here, though, is that researchers have been racking up data and evidence for decades showing that abstinence-only sex education isn't effective. It not only fails to delay the age when teens first have sex, but also fails to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Sadly, there is a need to continue this research…

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 Huh, Another Study Says Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Doesn’t Work

Scientists and public health experts continue to rack up evidence that this kind of education is failing young people.

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