Non Hormonal Birth Control

Birth control development is a prime symbol of the lack of innovation in women’s health - Kelly Culwell MD

Non Hormonal Birth Control

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Where is all the hormone-free birth control?

For a long time, people have been trying not to get pregnant. In 500-100 CE, European women tied weasel testicles around their legs during sex to prevent pregnancy. Ancient Egyptians stuck a honey and crocodile dung mix up their vaginas to block sperm from entering. And in imperial China, sex workers were encouraged to drink liquid mercury (which might have stopped them from getting pregnant, but often killed them, too). Despite the obviously high demand for contraceptive options, it would take another couple of centuries until humans got their hands on a safe and effective birth control method. Nowadays, there are several female contraceptives to choose from, including the widely popular…

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 Where is all the hormone-free birth control?

As male birth control continues to be tested, people are asking for more female-focused research, too.

6 Types of Nonhormonal Birth Control You Should Have on Your Radar

Here are half a dozen nonhormonal birth control options that are worth considering if you want to avoid both pregnancy and hormones (and pregnancy hormones!).

7 Reasons to Quit Hormonal Birth Control

Whether it’s your hairstylist or your birth control, breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes—like when you end up with an unintentional mullet or you’re, um, at an increased risk of stroke—it’s necessary. All contraceptives have positives (beyond preventing pregnancy, obvi) and negatives. Many forms of hormonal birth control, for example, can zap zits or regulate and even eliminate your period. But hormonal birth control can also make you feel crappy, interfere with your non-prophylactic meds, and have other drawbacks. Here are seven potential reasons to say goodbye to your hormonal birth control.


Phexxi is an innovative gel that works by maintaining vaginal pH–no hormones needed! Phexxi doesn’t cause weight gain, mood swings, and blood clots, and is completely hormone-free.

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